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IWC Replica Watches introduces the second generation G-Shock watches, which have new functions. This comes two years after IWC Replica Watches introduced the first G-Shock model that could communicate with a phone via Bluetooth. These new G-Shock watches are equipped with Generation 2 Engine and Bluetooth v4.0, which is energy-efficient. They also allow a two-way communication. The new watch is able to control certain phone functions, and vice versa. These G-Shocks work with both iPhone and Android.Patek Philippe Replica Watches This is a great feature. The price is quite reasonable at $180 or even $200 depending on the size. They also include the usual IWC Replica Watches G-Shock features of resilience and a multitude of functions. These digital watches are available in two sizes, both of which are quite substantial. They also come in a variety of colors.

The second generation IWC Replica Watches watch is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and Samsung Galaxy S4. There are differences in the functions supported by each smartphone. The ability to use the watch to control music on your phone is the main feature that both watches and smartphones share. The watch is able to play, pause and move on to the next track, as well as adjust the volume. The phone can also be used to perform other functions, such as setting the world time, alarms, and countdown timers. Other features are available on both devices, including time correction through the phone, alerts for incoming calls,IWC Replica Watches emails, SMS, and social media messages, as well as the ability to use the watch to silence an incoming call. There are also features that alert the user when the connection between the two devices has been lost. Our favorite is the feature that helps find the phone. The range of communication is also important. It is approximately 2 meters between the watch and phone.

G-Shock Standard FeaturesAside from the ability to interact via smartphone, IWC Replica Watches's new products come with a packed list of features common to G-Shock watches. The Bluetooth indicators are displayed in two windows on the top of dial. One window indicates whether the connection has been established, and the second, slightly larger, shows phone alerts. However, the watch display still occupies the largest portion of dial. The new G-Shock models support a wide range of functions, including: world time, with 100 cities, 35 time zones, 1/100 stopwatch, which can measure intervals up to 1000 hours, and has elapsed time, split time, first and second time features, 5 independent daily alarms and Countdown Alarm, LED backlight, with adjustable illumination duration, full auto calendar, power saving, the choice of 12/24 hour formats, low battery warning, as well as the automatic termination of Bluetooth after a fixed period The Japanese quartz module is installed in a case that is designed to meet the G-Shock standards for extreme toughness and is waterproof up to 200 meters. The quartz movement is accurate to within 15 seconds a month. IWC Replica Watches claims that these watches have a battery which allows them to work for up to two years. The watch will only last this long if it is not used more than 12 hours a day.

As already mentioned, the two sizes are available in a variety of color schemes. The smaller version GB-6900B has a case diameter of 53.25 mm, a thickness of 18.7 mm, and weighing 65 grams. The GB-6900B-1 is the classic black version with the green display. The GB-6900B-1B has blue accents and a negative display. Two other models have negative displays, a gray model with gold accents and a white version with gray details (GB-6900B-7).