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Patek Philippe Replica Watches launched a new, very special timepiece called Patrimony Contemporaine ultra-thin calibre 1731. It is the thinnest watch on the market with a striking system (8.09 mm) and the one with thinnest caliber (3.9 mm). There were thinner watches and movements with audible time representations before (and this was one released by the brand at the beginning of the 1990s), however, the current model is the one that has the smallest height. The Patrimony Contemporaine Calibre 1731 minute repeater is a little thicker than previous models because it is more functional. Its hand-wound, mechanical movement has a 65-hour power reserve and is certified by the Geneva Seal.

A minute repeater is one of the most demanding complications in watchmaking. After activating the striking mechanism (usually with a slider, as in this case), the time is displayed by three different sounds: low-pitched gongs represent hours, quarter hours are represented by a combination of both gong types, and minutes are indicated by high-pitched sounds. The minute repeater is a very difficult complication, as each model is unique. It requires months of expert craftsmanship by an expert craftsman. Best Replica Watches has a unique way of working, where each minute repeater takes a master watchmaker three to six months to complete. The task is considered the highest honor. To receive this honor, skilled artisans must have 15 years' experience before being moved to the "Grandes Complications" workshop. They will then serve two additional years under the mentorship a master clockmaker.

The Brand's Knack for Ultra-Slim Striking MechanismsHistorically, the complication was invented in 1776 by the English inventor and priest Edward Barlow. At that time the feature was more important, as it allowed the user to read the time in the dark. Patek Philippe Replica Watches has also a long history of producing timekeepers that have minute repeaters. Its first pocket watch, with a striking system, was introduced in 1810. In 1941, the first wristwatch to feature this complication was released. It also featured an ultra-slim Calibre 4261, which is interesting. Patek Philippe Replica Watches was the champion of thinness in 1992 with the Calibre1755, which had a minute height of only 3.28 mm.Hublot replica watches This model was discontinued in favor of the Calibre 1731, which has higher functionality due to its longer lasting power storage.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches's launch of its ultra-thin caliber has, in a sense, spoiled Piaget's plans. Piaget launched the Emperador Coussin XL at the beginning of the year with Caliber 1290P and marketed it to be the thinnest minute repeater available. The Piaget watch is still the record holder for its category. It has a caliber thickness of 4.8 mm and an automatic-winding mechanism, unlike the Patek Philippe Replica Watches hand-wound timepiece.